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  • I don't know ...
    I'm mostly ... sluggish,and I'm sad ...
    Awaiting for SS to be completed
    Pronouncing A:e:ro:da:i:na:mi:k:ku it's アエロダイナミック
    The other would be for E:a:ro:da:i:na:mi:k:ku
    Just by the way,I think your Custom User Title was meant to be アエロダイナミック instead of エアロダイナミック
    Sorry if I'm mistaken ...
    I try to coax the info out of my parents , then get super hyped about it. I've got 3 games comming from my 3 favourite series' so i'm really excited for this year.
    well, my mom's giving it to me as a Christmas present, so she's hidden it 'till then, I'm totally fine with that.
    Sup guys, sorry i've been afk from the forums, been busy with school and TF2. I'll be back when news goes abuzz for Skyward Sword!!!
    Uh, thanks? XD I got it after school and immediately checked the net, nothing was anywhere, so I'd say I just got lucky.
    Oh, I actually haven't been to school this week so far, I'm sick... I'll probably go tomarrow though. :yes:
    So, are you downloading Four Swords too? (that is if you have a DSi/3DS)
    Lol, that was intended more as just a non-committal "lol I dunno", but I guess it works either way if you still found it funny. :xd:
    Not a lot. And sorry for not responding. I missed the mailbag one week because I didn't have time, and the second week because of all the Skyward Sword news. I made one this week though. :)
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