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  1. Abbey

    Link Plush Doll Giveaway - Favorite Funny Zelda Quote

    "Alas, though I am already age 35, no fairy has come to me yet... My father tells me to grow up and act my age, but why?" -Tingle Majoras Mask
  2. Abbey

    Kids Named After a Zelda Character?

    I would probably give my child a Zelda middle name out of fear that any offspring of mine would be angry with me for chosing a name such as "Malon" or "Link". So probably a middle name like Majora or something along those lines.
  3. Abbey

    Does Ganondorf Pay His Minions?

    Most of Ganon's minions don't seem to have the mind to want to just pop by the grocery store after a good lurking session in a temple or a cave. Maybe this is because of their lack of brains, or their lack of the ability to speak. I don't remember too many of them actually talking. (Maybe their...
  4. Abbey

    1000 Things to Do when You Are Bored.

    1076 Get accepted into Hogwarts: 1077 Bother Snape
  5. Abbey

    The Internet Memes Thread

    Happy Halloween erry'body. ;D
  6. Abbey

    What is Your Favorite TV Show?

    'Nuff said
  7. Abbey

    Ocarina of Time What Locations Would You Visit in OoT?

    The fairy fountain, Or Kakariko Villaige Permanently stuck at sunset. Though, it would be really fun to visit all of the Gorons, you know.. without the whole maybe getting bowled over by one aspect of it. :D
  8. Abbey

    Ocarina of Time Reverse Order Run????

    Oh my goodness... I might be in love. lol Just kidding of course, but as soon as he mentioned Alka Seltzer in the first video, I was hooked.
  9. Abbey

    What Are You Most Afraid Of?

    Seriously... I cant walk anywhere outside without keeping my head down. I hate looking at clouds. They are terrifying.
  10. Abbey

    Zelda Art The Official T-Shirt for Zelda Dungeon

    My favorite by far. I would buy these and roll around in them.
  11. Abbey

    Westboro Baptist Church

    I can't hate them, because then I would be just like them. And I refuse to stoop to their level of hatred.
  12. Abbey

    Do You Nickname Your Pokemon?

    I only ever nickname the very first Poke'mon I start out with. That one is just more special to me. :) Not to say that I dislike any of the others, but the first just seems to be more significant.
  13. Abbey

    Show Your Swag! Make People Jealous!

    BOO YAH. *fist pumps* Banjo-Kazooie remains a favorite.
  14. Abbey

    What Kind of Pets Do You Have?

    I have a Lizard named Truck 20. :D
  15. Abbey

    Zelda Art Zeldahuman's Official Art Shop

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