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A Link In Time
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  • Did you make sure "Save a copy of this message in your Sent Items folder." was checked? If you're referring to the PMs you sent me, I received both.
    Thanks for welcoming me. I already think that I'm going to be addicted to it.
    Zd fourms, that is.
    You may be sending a message to somebody that has a full inbox. There should be no reason that you can't send PMs.
    :) I'll gladly help you out. First you go to any website and copy a picture's URL code. After that you go to a thread here and click on "Image" above. then you paste in the URL code and confirm. When you post the post the picture will be visible.
    I hope this helped! :D
    Lol, yeah I know. There'll be a mailbag next week.

    And you become a Hylian Knight by being nominated by a current Knight and then voted for by enough of them. It's basically a nomination and voting process done to get a concensus and determine how good of a member the person is, because the Knight ranking is basically for really high-quality, rolemodel members. They make good posts, obey the rules, are active, etc. Hope that answers your question for you. ;)
    Yeah, I've been using the Check Whose Online tool beneath all the forum list. There have been quite a few of the members coming in--even numerous guests! I think we might be looking at a full house soon.
    Thanks! I did decide to crop out the Game Informer text, though...along with Phi's head. But it still looks good. I just wish it was larger.

    Noticed you got your signature up. ^^ Looks good.
    Hello, Link^^ I see that you requested^^ Mind if you can tell me what colors you want for your sig and text?^^
    Linknerd's Shop

    This is a good place to help you get a sig. As you can see, she does a pretty fair job at getting the orders done. Just tell her what you want and she'll do it.
    :blank: This has extended farther than I've anticipated.

    Well, it will be a Fantasy Allegory, along the lines of The Lord of the Rings and Eragon. The main character (Thareous :O) must be pulled away from his home in order to stop the Dark King and his Legion from invading the Kingdom of Keiratha to unleash a malevolent being from the past. The book features a variety of fantastical creatures such as elves, dwarves, giants, and...talking dragons. That is, dragons that can articulate with their tongues, rather than speaking through their minds. And this is all I'm willing to let out, at least for now. You may hear of it soon, though. ;)
    When the shield of a thread is gold, it means there are posts you haven't read yet. :D
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