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    How Often Do You Use Your Pockets?

    I use my pockets daily.
  2. 1upmuffin

    Which Game That Nintendo Announced Today Are You Most Excited For?

    The new Mario and Luigi was the most exciting announcement for me.
  3. 1upmuffin

    Creamy or Crunchy Peanut Butter

    Honestly my first instinct is to say creamy but I don't think I've ever had crunchy so I can't make a choice.
  4. 1upmuffin

    Evolution and Progression; 3D Mario or 3D Zelda

    The basic structure of Galaxy is nothing like Mario 64. Mario 64 has explorable worlds with stars you could collect in almost any order. Galaxy has short linear levels, not the big worlds of 64, it feels like a step backwards.The Galaxy games are great but they aren't like Mario 64, and neither...
  5. 1upmuffin

    General Zelda Sparse or Cluttered Overworld?

    I want an overworld not in the sky/sea. I like a dense overworld like Majoras Mask, it has open spaces but also a ton of stuff to see. The Wind Waker overworld felt absoulutely empty, there was only one island on each square and no incentive to explore.
  6. 1upmuffin

    The Best Non-Mature Rated Games for the XBOX 360

    Here are some great ones -Skate 2 -Burnout Paradise -Viva Pinata -Beautiful Katamari Also some great XBLA games (XBLA is the best part of the 360) -Splosion Man -Mark of the Ninja -Fez
  7. 1upmuffin

    Console Gaming Vs PC Gaming

    Most new PC games let you use a controller and PC has better graphics and a smoother framerate for most games so PC gaming is definitely better for multiplatform games. The only thing consoles have over PC is their exclusives.
  8. 1upmuffin

    What is the Most Recent Dungeon That You Completed?

    I beat the Great Bay Temple for the first time, I thought it was a really interesting dungeon.
  9. 1upmuffin

    Romantic Advice Please?

    That honestly sounds really creeper/stalker like.
  10. 1upmuffin

    How Many Franchises Are Disappointing You at the Moment?

    New 2D mario games are dull and uninspired, at least the 3D games are still great.
  11. 1upmuffin

    Which Games Haven't Aged Well in Your Eyes?

    I really like the Donkey Kong Country graphics, they have a weird clay type look. I get why some people wouldn't like them though. Some of the games I think aged the worst are RARE platformers for N64, especially DK64 and Conkers Bad Fur Day. The big levels of DK64 are neat but the collecting...
  12. 1upmuffin

    Romantic Advice Please?

    I think the general consensus was to not do it, but I'm sure you could find general "love advice" anywhere with a quick google search if you really want tips on how to get her number.
  13. 1upmuffin

    Romantic Advice Please?

    Have you read all the posts in this thread yet?
  14. 1upmuffin

    Link To The Past 3ds Eshop

    You could always get the GBA version if you want to play it on the go.
  15. 1upmuffin

    General Zelda If/when Will the Collectors Edition HH Be Available?

    They sold out super quick and even cancelled a lot of people's preorders because they oversold it.
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