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    Tech Demo Vs Actual Style

    My first two games were OoT and MM, although I was to young to get through the first part of MM, the 3rd and 4th were TWW, a game I thought was childish, and TP, which I at the time thought was awesome. When I became a teenager I went back to these games. I learned that MM was amazing. It...
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    Call Me Nostalgic, but I'm Not Extremely Enthusiastic

    Its weird how you say that you loved Zelda for its Medieval setting, while I always loved Zelda for the opposite reason-it never was 100% medieval. For instance, in OoT you have Royalty, you have knights, and a few other elements that made it medieval, but it never really stuck to that. The...
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    Zelda Wii U - First Look

    This game's art style really doesn't surprise me in the least. I knew we weren't going to get something realistic, and Nintendo doesn't like to repeat art styles to often (except for toon Link, I liked him and all, whats up with that?), add a love of bright colors and you get something around...
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    Zelda Wii U Should Go for a Realistic Art Style!

    I'm going to start off saying I'm not opposed to a realistic(ish) styled Zelda game, just I don't agree with a lot of the reasoning's for a realistic Zelda game. I guess I agree with you there, if Nintendo wants to bring more sells to NA, I guess its a good idea. But the problem is we might...
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    A Cotton Candy Pokemon? Gamefreak is Officially Running Out of Ideas!

    I agree that changes could be done to make the series less 'stale', but personally, I think they have been changing enough that it isn't too bad of a repeat. Yeah sure, you're collecting 8 badges, defeating the evil team, battling the elite 4, etc... But I think they are going in the right...
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    Which Will Be Your Starter?

    I'm pretty sure I'm going with Chespin. I disagree that he looks like piplup though, I think piplup looks more like oshawott. Just look: http://s1.postimg.org/fq60ju42n/NOT_OSHAWOTT.png But if there is another really cool grass type that I want, or its evolutions suck(thats what happened to...
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    A Link Between Worlds The stamina meter is Marring the Bow. Problem?

    Actually, I believe it was stated that it wasn't Alttp sequel, but don't hold me to that. But I don't agree that they are going to reboot Alttp, I think its going to be what they say its going to be... A new game. I guess I sorta understand, I mean, it looks a lot like Alttp, and with TWW coming...
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    Fairy Type

    Actually, its already been confirmed that they will be weak against steel and poison. Fairy-type - Pokémon X & Y - Marriland
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    New Pokemon Revealed for X and Y Named Aurotto

    I really don't like the fan art, it looks sorta silly to me. I really hope Gamefreak doesn't do something like this. But has any noticed this is the second new pokemon thats been revealed thats haunted? This, and Honedge. Not sure if it means anything, just an observation.
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    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 58!

    I chose yes, but only a few selected songs, and not that often. Occasionally I will look up something from TWW or SS, but thats about it. And sometimes I will look up a few songs on piano or violin, but I don't think I ever looked up a song from OOT that wasn't being played on an actual instrument.
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    The Legend of Zelda Why the Series Should Never Look Back to Legend of Zelda

    I think the lack of enjoyment of the game comes from a lack of understanding of the game. Unlike games of today, this game had a different concept (though not better, I don't think its worse. Just different). The concept isn't beating the game, its just to find stuff. Although today, thats an...
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    HD Visual Preferences

    Following the leader is the opposite of what I want Nintendo to do. Yeah, it might get them more sales, but what would really get them a lot of sales is to do something creative: With plot, graphics and gameplay. Oh, they should also do the things people have been wanting them to do for a while...
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    (SPOILERS) New XY Information in CoroCoro Leak!

    I hope I'm not being overly excited, and maybe too high of hopes, but I feel like this is the pokemon game we have always dreamed of. Character customization, riding on pokemon, 3D, a rich overworld, a FREAKING PANDA POKEMON, and SO MUCH MORE. hAWIUOdfesd I need a 3DS. Okay, I need to calm down...
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    How Do You Want Zelda Portrayed?

    I agree with most everybody here, Zelda should be represented as someone more wise and thoughtful. Sorta how Wind waker was, with Tetra being a leader of a band of pirates; and a good one at that. She was more than a sassy pirate who spoke big, but actually needed her butt rescued every 5...
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    Satisfied with Pokemon X and Y Graphics?

    I have never seen a comparison before, never thought they were bad until now. Well, its slightly disappointing to be honest, that they have the capability to do so much and are doing this. I would think that if they were going 3D they should go all the way. All I can say it that I hope Terminus...
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