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Discussion in 'Mafia' started by Johnny Sooshi, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Jamie

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    I would, if you made even the slightest attempt to actively improve your skills by I don't know, actually playing?
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    Well I'm absolutely freaking sorry that I actually have a life. K, I'm done. Can take me off the list @Johnny Sooshi.
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  3. Jamie

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    You've hardly made a single constructive post; if you didn't think you could contribute you shouldn't have joined. Lots of us have commitments (I just finished my final assignment recently and start my next semester in 2 weeks and am looking for work for example), yet we still manage to post.
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    K well you didn;t have to be a dick about it. Jesus christ.
  5. Jamie

    Jamie Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out...

    I absolutely was not a dick about it. All I did was request that you make a constructive post. Not even remotely unreasonable, especially since the game is getting tense.
  6. karu

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    Kris, it's okay if you have other stuff to do. Don't be afraid to post what you think, it's just a game. If you contribute even a little you'll get better. So please, stop arguing with Jamie, and just tell us what you think?

    Who are you suspicious of, tell us that at least?
  7. DekuNut

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    @Kristofer Cain we didn't mean to put that much pressure on you. If you weren't sure how to play, you could just ask - we could kinda mentor you throughout the course of the game, give you ideas, etc. There are probably people who usually play but aren't this game who could help you out more immediately than most of us, since they can know your role and stuff. You just kinda learn by playing. I will say, what you did yesterday was good - you gave a suspicion and a decent reason. All we want is more of that kinda thing.
    Anyways, I'll say that I find it doubtful Kris was scum. If he was, then his teammates would be helping out and pushing him to at least post. They'd want to see Kris succeed, and would be more active than us in making sure that happened.
  8. Mellow Ezlo

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    Going back to this, I later realized that I had Watcher and Tracker confused, so this no longer makes sense. Just wanted to get that out there.

    As for current suspicions, I'm most suspicious of DekuNut, but I also have Jamie and Karu on my radar atm. I agree with Deku in that Kris is probably town, but if Deku is scum himself, then Kris still very well could be simply because Deku said that. I have a slight town lean on Libk and Minish, and I was leaning town on Pendio too but Alit's flip makes me want to potentially reread him.

    I'm going to look into Jamie and Karu more, but for now, I think I'd be OK with a Deku lynch today.
  9. DekuNut

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    I wouldnt be okay with a deku lynch
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  10. Mellow Ezlo

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  11. Mafia made some great blind guesses, or their Role Cop is really good and found the right people. Either way, town is going to have a tough time now that there are just vanillas left, which means we really need a lot of discussion going on. I feel like the mafia have been really good in subtly leading the lynches, so I'm gonna go back and see if I can find anything that sticks out. I'll also take a look at the people that ALIT mentioned, since he flipped town. There's one person on his list that I've also started to become a bit suspicious of, so I'll probably start with them.
  12. Jamie

    Jamie Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out...

    Whats your reasoning for suspicion on everybody?

    Would like to note we must be careful with lynches, I think we are in Mylo. A No Lynch may actually be our best course of action, choosing 3/8 scum is harder than choosing 3/7, but the result is the same with no PRs, we lose if we choose wrongly either way.
  13. Johnny Sooshi

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    I'd really like for you to stay since I have no backup slotted for this game and you leaving means that I'd have to kill of your character. I understand that this is daunting, but nobody hear is trying to be rude towards you in any way. They just would like you to make a more informative and opinionated post to the game thread since that's what Mafia is about. As the mod of this game I can tell you that I have a life as well, as do most others here. The reason some of these Night and Day scenes haven't been on time is because I've been working on school work or studying (recently had a test in my Mechanics of Solids class), or just taking some time for myself that isn't comitted to this website (like taking my girlfriend out or going and having a pint last night). We all have school, work, and other things that we have to take time for. Jamie isn't being rude when he asks you to post something constructive, he's being helpful because him, and others here, take this game seriously.
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    Holy ****, this actually started? lol, my b, guys. vote calamity kaio kenshin
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    We know that Bok got to use his Watcher ability once before he died, and that was on the first night. The day following that night (which turned out to be Bok's last day) he was going after two players in particular, namely Jamie and Karu. I think it's possible that Bok watched Ken the night he died. If he did, he would have uncovered the identity of the killer, but he would have wanted to convey his discovery smoothly, not just to protect himself but also because role claims break the rules. Of course nothing is certain, but at least it's something worth discussing.

    Here are the two posts where Bok kinda went after Jamie.

    And here are the four posts of Bok going after Karu.

    Bok obviously put in much more effort to get Karu lynched than to get Jamie lynched, so that does make me increasingly more suspicious of Karu.

    Also, with Jamie's recent notion about how a No-Lynch could benefit us more today, I'm growing less suspicious of him. According to my calculations, the Town will lose if we lynch another Townie today, but if we don't lynch anyone we'll still get another chance at lynching scum tomorrow, a better chance. Since Jamie brought this up, I doubt he is scum seeing as the Mafia would just have to lynch a Townie today in oder to win the game. At least I am pretty sure that is how it would work. If I was to vote today I would vote for Karu, but I will be holding off on that.